Brilliant IH Sofia Directors’ Conference over the last 4 days!


Saturday, May 5th

We had some really interesting workshops with with Loraine Kennedy and Laura Jenkins on the first day of the  #IHConfSofia.

Followed by an amazing walking tour around the city of Sofia on the very first day and an opening gala dinner at the Military Club.

Sunday, May 6th 

Then another fabulous day at #IHConfSofia with a super engaging plenary from Loraine Kennedy, some really great sessions from our IH Directors and an exciting charity auction in aid of the Cedar Foundation to top off the day!

Monday, May 7th

Another really interesting day at #IHConfSofia, with a morning session from Jackie Kassteen about 21st century skills, storytelling and creating WOW moments. We also had lots of IH schools speaking about the innovations and events they’ve created.

Finishing the night with a very exciting Quiz at IH Sofia Sitnyakovo office, tasty Bulgarian food, nice talks… We all had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, May 8th 

An afternoon of celebrating IH milestones… Congratulations to our superstars! #IHConfSofia

And a wonderful closing dinner at the Happy Village restaurant in Sofia. Enjoying some Bulgarian food, folk music and traditional dances…

Wednesday, May 9th

Official start of the Study Abroad Conference in Sofia.

And a fantastic trip to Plovdiv. Sunshine, nice weather, smiling people…

IH Sofia team was so pleased to welcome you all to our capital city this year.

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2019!