A week in Cardiff for our English Quiz winners!

🔘Quiz winners – The 19th school “Elin Pelin”, Sofia.
🔘 Three students with their parents and teachers.
🔘 One week in Cardiff, Wales from 7 – 13 September.

➡️ The programme:

🔰 Sunday, Sept. 8th:
• Meet teachers Paul & Tracy Jenkins.
• Introduction to the summer school programme: Task-based activities covering vocabulary, grammar and UK cultural contexts including the creation of a web-based video ‘City Guide to Cardiff’. Classes will ensure students have the language and skills to create and record their own unique perspectives on the city.
• Lunch.
• Trip to the Bay of Cardiff (including a boat trip around the largest waterfront development in Europe).

🔰 Monday, Sept. 9th:
• Research & planning day: The students will present their ideas for their ‘Guide to Cardiff’ focusing on topics of individual’s interests: local history, architecture, sport, culture, shopping.
• Lunch.
• Trip to the National Museum of Wales and the Victorian shopping arcades of Cardiff.

🔰 Tuesday 10th
• Sharing of initial video material. Creation of text & journalist writing skills. Target vocabulary & grammar. Develop plans for the next visits, where and what to film next.
• Lunch.
• Boat trip to the Bute Park & Cardiff Castle.

🔰 Wednesday, Sept. 11th:
• Starting to edit material and create ‘rushes’ of what the final video might look like. Brain-storming what additional material (and trips) might be necessary. Welsh / UK history & context discussion. What makes this ‘Guide to …’ unique? Target vocabulary & grammar.
• Lunch
• Open slot – sporting or theatre / performance event? Or a trip to the Barry Island (depends on the weather). Students can decide depending on what gaps they feel they have in their video.

🔰 Thursday, Sept. 12th:
• Working towards a rough cut of the video. Pulling all the individual videos together – and how best to do this. Error correction and final evaluation of the week and the potential of the video.
• Farewell Lunch