С опитен британски учител от езиков център IH Sofia.

✅ Настолните ролеви игри приличат малко на театъра и киното по това, че в тях играете някаква роля. Каква ще бъде вашата конкретна роля, зависи от желанието ви и от приключението, което играете. Участниците не знаят наизуст сценария на приключението, който се разкрива пред тях по време на играта, и трябва да реагират и да измислят репликите и действията на героите си на място.

✅ Едно уникално и увлекателно преживяване с британски учител в изцяло английска среда.

✅ Занятията ще са 1 астрономически час седмично, в компактна учебна група до 4 човека.

Ето и малко повече информация относно игрите, които ви предлагаме:

  • Starport: A roleplaying game designed for children. An unforgettable adventure through the mysterious land of Starport, where unicorns walk alongside robots, where magic is real and adventure is just round the corner. Starport is violence free and educational. (Recommended for ages 6-10, level A02+).


  • Tales From The Loop: Roleplaying in the 80s that never was! Students will play children solving mysteries in 1980s America, but not as we know it. Similar to Stranger Things, but with robots. (Recommended for ages 11+, level A1+).


  • Dungeons & Dragons: The world’s most popular Tabletop Role Playing Game! Students will play brave heroes fighting dragons and monsters in a high fantasy setting full of swords and spells. As seen on Stranger Things, Community and The Big Bang Theory. (Recommended for ages 11+, level A1+).


  • Star Trek Adventures: Starfleet needs a new crew! Welcome to your new assignment, Captain. Your continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. (Recommended for ages 11+, level B1+).


  • Cyberpunk Red: The roleplaying game of the dark future! The 4th Corporate War’s over and the big dogs have retreated to their corners to lick their wounds. That leaves everyone else to fend for themselves in a shattered world. The game is set 32 years before the popular Cyberpunk 2077 computer game. (Recommended for ages 15+, level B1+).


  • Call of Cthulhu: Call of Cthulhu is the world’s best game of secrets, mysteries, and horror. Playing the role of steadfast investigators, you travel to strange and dangerous places, uncover foul plots, and stand against the terrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. You encounter sanity-blasting entities, monsters, and insane cultists. (Recommended for ages 15+, level B1+).


  • Mutant Year Zero: Roleplaying after the apocalypse! You play as one of The People – heavily mutated humans living in The Ark, a small and isolated settlement in a sea of chaos. The outside world is unknown to you, and so is your origin. (Recommended for ages 15+, level B1+).


  • Alien RPG: In space, no one can hear you scream. Based on the popular movie franchise, Alien takes players into space to complete missions and start colonies. Just hope that you don’t bump into any xenomorphs. (Recommended for ages 15+, level B1+).


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