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International House Sofia – part of International House World Organisation.

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IH Sofia language school is part of the International House World Organisation – an international network of language schools:

☑️ Founded in 1953, over 65 years of teaching modern languages.
☑️ Present in more than 52 countries worldwide.
☑️ Over 200,000 students every year.

👉 www.ihworld.com

🛎 IH Sofia celebrating 10 years of excellence in language teaching.

☑️ 100% experienced & highly qualified native fluency teachers.

👉 Find out more about our winter English courses:

For young learners (4 – 17 years old).
For adults – Conversation English.
For adults – General English.



М: 0899 937 129 | 0890 291 111 | info@ihsofia.com


IH Sofia – 10 Years Of Excellence!

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Today we celebrate 10 years of International House Sofia.
10 years fulfilling our passion to guide, develop and inspire you to achieve goals and ambitions.

10 years ago we set out to develop soft-skills and business English courses with Bulgarian corporations, transforming over these years into a school based around family values, knowing each of you individually being paramount.

We’re so proud of our students. Some of you have studied with us since the day we opened and I hope all of you fulfil your ambitions. You will have studied with our outstanding team of teachers, developing communication, mindsets and positivity. As a team, we work together based on our family values and feel a strong unity with our sense of purpose, which I hope you experience in your courses.

We’re proud of the companies we work with, watching them grow alongside us, from small apartments to towering glass-fronted offices. Providing excellent opportunities to young people in Bulgaria, who are creative, professional and light-hearted. Always a pleasure to teach.

Listening to you and acting on your views and suggestions, you’ve helped transform International House Sofia into who we are today.

We look forward to another successful 10 years and hope you will be a big part of that.

Simon, Yoana and all of us from IH Sofia.

International House World Organisation Quality Inspection

2019-11-05T10:57:58+02:00November 3rd, 2019|IH World, Английски език|

Dear all,

As a member of International House World Organisation, our school is inspected biannually to ensure we meet the highest standards of quality and integrity in delivering language courses.

A huge thanks to Mick Lawson for his professionalism, ideas and insights during the inspection.


International House Sofia boasts over 10 years of excellence and native fluency teachers.

We offer language courses for young learners, teenagers and students, adults and corporate clients.

Find out more about us!


Общ английски с чуждестранен учител от месец април.

2019-03-25T11:52:30+02:00March 23rd, 2019|IH World, Новини, Общ английски|

Запишете курс по общ английски език с един от нашите опитни чуждестранни преподаватели!

👉 Всички нива по английски (B1 – C2) стартират през месец април, 2019.

Само с висококвалифицирани чуждестранни учители от мрежата на International House World Organisation.

А вие на какво ниво владеете езика? Има ли нужда да го усъвършенствате?

👉 Безплатен и неангажиращ тест, който прецизно определя нивото ви.

Отделете си 30 минути в удобно за вас време и направете онлайн теста на IH Sofia.

Резултатите се получават до 24ч. след попълването му.

Свържете се с на с още днес, за да запазите своето място.
Поддържаме компактни учебни групи до 8 човека.

М: 0899 937 129 | 0890 291 111

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