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International House Sofia – part of International House World Organisation.

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IH Sofia language school is part of the International House World Organisation – an international network of language schools:

☑️ Founded in 1953, over 65 years of teaching modern languages.
☑️ Present in more than 52 countries worldwide.
☑️ Over 200,000 students every year.

👉 www.ihworld.com

🛎 IH Sofia celebrating 10 years of excellence in language teaching.

☑️ 100% experienced & highly qualified native fluency teachers.

👉 Find out more about our winter English courses:

For young learners (4 – 17 years old).
For adults – Conversation English.
For adults – General English.



М: 0899 937 129 | 0890 291 111 | info@ihsofia.com


IH Sofia – 10 Years Of Excellence!

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Today we celebrate 10 years of International House Sofia.
10 years fulfilling our passion to guide, develop and inspire you to achieve goals and ambitions.

10 years ago we set out to develop soft-skills and business English courses with Bulgarian corporations, transforming over these years into a school based around family values, knowing each of you individually being paramount.

We’re so proud of our students. Some of you have studied with us since the day we opened and I hope all of you fulfil your ambitions. You will have studied with our outstanding team of teachers, developing communication, mindsets and positivity. As a team, we work together based on our family values and feel a strong unity with our sense of purpose, which I hope you experience in your courses.

We’re proud of the companies we work with, watching them grow alongside us, from small apartments to towering glass-fronted offices. Providing excellent opportunities to young people in Bulgaria, who are creative, professional and light-hearted. Always a pleasure to teach.

Listening to you and acting on your views and suggestions, you’ve helped transform International House Sofia into who we are today.

We look forward to another successful 10 years and hope you will be a big part of that.

Simon, Yoana and all of us from IH Sofia.

International House World Organisation Quality Inspection

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Dear all,

As a member of International House World Organisation, our school is inspected biannually to ensure we meet the highest standards of quality and integrity in delivering language courses.

A huge thanks to Mick Lawson for his professionalism, ideas and insights during the inspection.


International House Sofia boasts over 10 years of excellence and native fluency teachers.

We offer language courses for young learners, teenagers and students, adults and corporate clients.

Find out more about us!


Общ английски с чуждестранен учител от месец април.

2019-03-25T11:52:30+02:00March 23rd, 2019|IH World, Новини, Общ английски|

Запишете курс по общ английски език с един от нашите опитни чуждестранни преподаватели!

👉 Всички нива по английски (B1 – C2) стартират през месец април, 2019.

Само с висококвалифицирани чуждестранни учители от мрежата на International House World Organisation.

А вие на какво ниво владеете езика? Има ли нужда да го усъвършенствате?

👉 Безплатен и неангажиращ тест, който прецизно определя нивото ви.

Отделете си 30 минути в удобно за вас време и направете онлайн теста на IH Sofia.

Резултатите се получават до 24ч. след попълването му.

Свържете се с на с още днес, за да запазите своето място.
Поддържаме компактни учебни групи до 8 човека.

М: 0899 937 129 | 0890 291 111

IH Charity Auction in May 2018

2018-09-25T11:13:54+03:00September 25th, 2018|IH World, Интересно, Новини|

We are proud to announce that International House in partnership with Cedar Foundation managed to collect more than 13 000 leva over the Charity Auction in May 2018, over the annual IHWO Directors’ Conference in Sofia.

This auction was organized by the Cedar Foundation, which is a Bulgarian NGO. It leads positive change in state policies and public attitudes towards disadvantaged groups. Provides individual care and a range of specialized therapies to over 100 children and youth in Bulgaria, mainly with disabilities.

The Charity Auction project

14 of the children and young adults who live in The Cedar Foundation’s Small Group Homes have severe physical disabilities, such as Spina bifida, Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy, Epilepsy, etc. Through systematic physiotherapy, Cedar Foundation aim to relieve any pain and discomfort, to optimize their range of motion and stimulate them to be as independent as their condition allows.

Thanks to the over 13 000 leva raised during the IH Charity Auction in May 2018, Cedar Foundation team are able to fund the daily physical rehabilitation sessions for all 14 children for a period of 18 months.

Let’s keep up the good pace.

Find out more about their next charity event on Nov. 24th – the “Once Upon a Time” charity ball.

International House Sofia

















































IH Directors’ Conference – Sofia 2018

2018-05-22T10:08:37+03:00May 29th, 2018|IH World, Интересно|

International House directors and partners from around the world have just returned from a bumper edition of the annual IH Directors’ Conference. This year the event was hosted by IH Sofia in the Bulgarian capital, and the team welcomed nearly 150 delegates to their city – one of the largest IH conferences for some years.

The Grand Hotel Sofia saw an action-packed few days of discussions, workshops and networking events, covering a wide range of topics, from marketing and student welfare to teacher training and school administration. Guest speakers included Loraine Kennedy; Jacqueline Kassteen from Jackfruit Marketing; Keith Kelly from Anglia School; and Genevieve Abela and Nicoletta Pinto from Guard.me. Sessions were also lead by members of the International House network, with discussions on a variety of subjects ranging from school innovations and customer experience to social media and online learning.

IH World’s Executive Director, Monica Green, said “our annual Directors’ Conference is central to our work with our members throughout the year. Not only do we get to meet up and exchange news, swap views and enjoy ourselves in excellent company, but we look forward together towards what IHWO can aspire to achieve in the coming 12 months and lay some of the ground work. This year’s conference in Sofia was very well attended and we had some very interesting sessions from both IH and external speakers. I would highly recommend Sofia to anyone who hasn’t yet been there – the city’s warm welcome underpinned our success.

International House was proud to be joined by some fantastic sponsors this year: Amber IT Solutions; BEBC; Cambridge Assessment; Cengage National Geographic Learning; Euroexam International; Guard.me Insurance; PeopleCert; and Trinity College London.

A lively city tour on the Saturday afternoon was followed by a glamorous opening dinner at the Sofia Military Club – a grand, historical building in the city centre. Sunday evening saw the exciting annual charity auction take place, which was a huge success again this year. Nearly €7,000 was raised for local charity, The Cedar Foundation, through bidding and raffles.

Our wonderful hosts, IH Sofia, welcomed us to their school on the Monday evening for a quiz and some delicious home made Bulgarian bites. The conference finale came in the form of a vibrant closing dinner at The Happy Village – a traditional Bulgarian restaurant with local music and folk dancing.

You can watch the short IH Conference video here:


Simon Harris, Managing Director of IH Sofia said, “we loved having everyone here in Sofia for the conference and really enjoyed the opportunity to show off our city. During the event, the innovative themes and topics opened up some great ideas, so we’re looking forward to hearing how many of these are implemented over the next year. I must add, we have lots of beautiful mountains and beaches in Bulgaria should anyone wish to return!


A photo gallery of the IH Directors’ Conference can be found on our Facebook page.

A huge thank you to the team at IH Sofia for their incredible support and to all our sponsors for joining us this year!

IHWO Directors’ Conference – Sofia 2018

2018-05-10T14:02:58+03:00May 10th, 2018|IH World, Интересно, Новини|

Brilliant IH Sofia Directors’ Conference over the last 4 days!


Saturday, May 5th

We had some really interesting workshops with with Loraine Kennedy and Laura Jenkins on the first day of the  #IHConfSofia.

Followed by an amazing walking tour around the city of Sofia on the very first day and an opening gala dinner at the Military Club.

Sunday, May 6th 

Then another fabulous day at #IHConfSofia with a super engaging plenary from Loraine Kennedy, some really great sessions from our IH Directors and an exciting charity auction in aid of the Cedar Foundation to top off the day!

Monday, May 7th

Another really interesting day at #IHConfSofia, with a morning session from Jackie Kassteen about 21st century skills, storytelling and creating WOW moments. We also had lots of IH schools speaking about the innovations and events they’ve created.

Finishing the night with a very exciting Quiz at IH Sofia Sitnyakovo office, tasty Bulgarian food, nice talks… We all had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, May 8th 

An afternoon of celebrating IH milestones… Congratulations to our superstars! #IHConfSofia

And a wonderful closing dinner at the Happy Village restaurant in Sofia. Enjoying some Bulgarian food, folk music and traditional dances…

Wednesday, May 9th

Official start of the Study Abroad Conference in Sofia.

And a fantastic trip to Plovdiv. Sunshine, nice weather, smiling people…

IH Sofia team was so pleased to welcome you all to our capital city this year.

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2019!


IHWO Directors’ Conference in Sofia

2018-04-11T15:42:42+03:00April 16th, 2018|IH World, Английски език, Интересно|

This year, the IHWO Directors’ Conference will be held in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

This important Conference gives an opportunity for those who own or manage IH schools to invest time in their own personal development and leadership skills, hear from industry experts, and share their own knowledge with one another.

It is also a time for celebrating the IH network of language schools, highlighting everything we have achieved in the previous year, and informing our strategy for the future.

The 2018 conference will be held at the Grand Hotel Sofia, a hotel steeped in history with a picturesque location right in the heart of Sofia next to the pretty City Garden.

It will be a really exciting event. International House Sofia is impatient to welcome more than 130 Directors from all over the world on May 3rd.

IH Sofia team


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Снимачният ден беше изключително вълнуващ за всички нас.

Беше предизвикателство да направим кратко видео за международните ни колеги от IHWO, в което да представим екипа и столицата.

Надяваме се, че сме се справили добре. Има още много какво да покажем от София…. защото тя е многолика, забавна, красива, зелена и пълна с млади хора.

В очакване на ‘Конференцията на Директорите’ от International House World Organization, която ще се проведе през май, 2018г.

С пожелания за успешна седмица,

Екипът на IH Sofia


2017-12-19T13:08:13+02:00December 19th, 2017|IH World, Английски език, Изпити|

Four Fun Ways to Build Knowledgeable, Confident IELTS Readers – by Richard Buckley:

When IELTS candidates stare at their Reading paper, alone and under time pressure, traditional scaffolding techniques aren’t available.
We can’t:

– pre-teach blocking vocabulary.
– activate schemata by facilitating conversation around the general topic.
– concept-check to ensure that learners have understood the title and the genre before tackling the details and inferring author’s intention.

Our fear is that the candidate will miss something key and not ‘get it’. What can we do?

Burgess and Head’s ‘How to Teach For Exams’ (2005) offers tips for strengthening candidates’ grasp of the ‘nuts and bolts’ – in particular, question format and task types, not to mention text coherence and vocabulary inference. Petrie (2017), however, has found that practice alone doesn’t make perfect: mock exams enjoy high face validity but aren’t necessarily linked to better outcomes, unless targeted and aligned to clear learning aims.
One often-missed step is fundamental learner training. While IELTS course participants (and even some teachers) expect quick fixes, short-circuiting the need to work on language, the most valuable intervention we can offer is to develop the same lifelong language learning skills that will stand them in good stead, whatever their goals.
Here are some ideas to take learners on the journey towards being knowledgeable, confident IELTS readers – General or Academic.

Technique 1: Do you even read though?

Extensive reading delivers tangible, empirically-demonstrated benefits. We fear that, unless we tightly control the material, learners might gravitate towards what they know and like, not what is aligned with exam content (Maley, 2010). But evidence shows that ‘free voluntary reading’ is associated with gains in the spectrum of language learning outcomes – not solely reading speed, skimming and scanning (Krashen, 2004).
So how can we get learners reading more? One technique I’ve found powerful is a traditional mingle on the topic of reading. Each participant has a unique question about course mates’ reading habits, and conducts a five-point Likert-scale survey (answers ranging from ‘yes, regularly’ to ‘no, never’).

Questions include:
– Do you follow a blog or a website in English?
– Do you read fiction in English?
– On your commute to this centre, do you read in English on your phone?
– Do you follow any Facebook or Twitter feeds in English?
– Do you read the news in English (from a newspaper or news website)?

When you listen to English language music, do you ever search for and read the lyrics?

Once the survey’s complete, it lends itself brilliantly to the extension activity of writing up the results as an Academic Writing Part 1-style ‘describe the table’ task. But more immediately, it gets learners reflecting on their reading habits. Without fail, learners agree they should be reading more – OUTSIDE class – and are receptive to ideas.

I use the moment to introduce learners to easily-integrated, accessible reading options: inspirational Facebook pages such as ‘Humans of New York’, Genius.com for song lyrics – or offer to identify options based on learners’ hobbies one-to-one. The opportunity is there for learners to share their favourite sources of English reading, too. You can ‘task’ learners with building a reading portfolio, or set a formatively-assessed task, but in terms of building a sustainable, long-term habit, it’s more about showing what’s out there and ‘normalising’ reading in English, less about coercion.

To find out the other three useful techniques, please click here:

Published by: IHWO

Burgess, S. and Head, K. (2005), How To Teach For Exams, Harlow: Longman.
Harmer, J. (1998), How To Teach English: An introduction to the practice of English language teaching, Harlow: Pearson.
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Maley, A. (2010), ‘Extensive reading: why it is good for our students… and us’, British Council TeachingEnglish, available online at https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/extensive-reading-why-it-good-our-students%E2%80%A6-us (accessed 01/11/17).
Nuttall, C. (1996), Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language (2nd edition), Portsmouth: Heinemann.
Petrie, D. (2017), ‘Does Practice Make Perfect?’, IH Journal 42, available online at http://ihjournal.com/does-practice-make-perfect (accessed 01/11/2017)
Thornbury, S. (2011), ‘G is for Gist’, An A-Z of ELT: Scott Thornbury’s Blog, available online at https://scottthornbury.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/g-is-for-gist/ (accessed 01/11/17).

Author’s Bio:
Richard Buckley is Corporate Programmes Coordinator at British Council Sudan.  Since completing his CELTA at IH Newcastle, he has also taught in Indonesia and Japan, as well as completing a Master’s in Education and DELTA Modules 1 and 3.  His main interests are Business English and needs analysis for corporate clients.  He can be contacted at: richard.buckley@sd.britishcouncil.org.  

IH Sofia Преподавател на Седмицата

2019-08-12T15:25:33+03:00November 24th, 2017|IH World, Английски език, Учители, Чужди езици|

Запознайте се с нашата очарователна преподавателка:

Хана Сприк, произход: САЩ

  • Преподавател по английски език към IH Sofia от 2014г. Владее свободно Испански и Български.
  • Притежава престижния TESOL Тринити Сертификат от Oxford TEFL Прага, Чехия.
  • Специализира в преподаването на тийнейджъри, индивидуални уроци, курсове по Общ английски.
  • Запален пътешественик, посетила е многобройни страни в Европа, Южна и Северна Америка.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”


Усмихнат ден от нас :)

IH Sofia

International House – 160 Училища в над 50 Държави

2017-11-13T12:09:55+02:00November 13th, 2017|IH World, Интересно, Новини|

Като част от международен езиков център с над 60-годишна история, International House Sofia обменя опит и знания със 160 училища в мрежата на IHWO, разположени в над 50 страни по целия свят.

Учебните центрове се намират в значими и живопосни градове като Валенсия, Ла Валета, Дъблин, Москва, Милано и много други.

Сега вие имате възможност да се запознаете с нашите международни партньори и да се насладите на красивите гледки и забележителности на някои от най-известните IH локации.

В селекцията “IH Focus on..”  ще откриете 17 кратки видеа от партньорските ни центрове, които ще ви покажат очарованието на някои по-значими световни града.

Съвсем скоро очаквайте и видеото на IH Sofia, което ще разкрие красотата и на нашата столица.

Приятно гледане!


IH Sofia – Домакин на Международна Конференция

2019-08-12T15:26:34+03:00November 3rd, 2017|IH World, Интересно, Кариерно развитие, Партньорско събитие|

С гордост можем да заявим, че IH Sofia ще бъде домакин на ежегодната Конференция на Директорите на International House World Organization.

Колеги от целия свят ще посетят София в периода от 5 – до 8 май, 2018. Това е едно изключително значимо събитие за IH Sofia и екипът ни с нетърпение очаква да посрещне всички участници през пролетта.

А ето каква покана пуснаха в мрежата нашите колеги от централния IH London офис:

“We’re delighted to send you some initial details about the IH Directors’ Conference 2018, which will be hosted by our friends at IH Sofia!

The conference will be held at the Grand Hotel Sofia, a hotel steeped in history with a picturesque location right in the heart of Sofia next to the pretty City Garden.

We have negotiated a very reasonable rate and there are a number of very low cost options walking distance from the venue too. Booking details to follow in November!

You will be hearing more about Sofia, the conference programme and accommodation in the coming weeks, but for now here is a message from our hosts at IH Sofia, Simon & Yoana Harris”:

Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha mountain, is the capital of Bulgaria.  Compact compared to most, it’s quick and easy to get around town by foot, metro or tram.  The conference and hotels are centrally located and 5 minutes from Vitosha Boulevard, the main pedestrianised area.

A number of 1, 2, and 3 day tour options will be organised by us if you wish to stay on after the conference or we can point you in the right direction if planning your own adventure.

Bulgaria is holding the EU presidency during the conference so we’re expecting tons of cultural and music events.

If you’re planning to travel we have wineries, spas and great walking for a day or more.

Some quick facts: The weather will be sunny / around 15-20 C, Bulgarian cuisine is delicious, prices are low, entertainment is plentiful and the Lev’s pegged to the Euro.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you to our home.

Сигурни сме, че визитата на директорите от IHWO ще бъде едно уникално преживяване за всички нас.

Екипът на IH Sofia

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