Meet our Teachers – Eric Jensen

1. Full Name, Teacher in?

Eric Jensen, Teacher of General and Business English

2. What inspires you in teaching?

Working a varied and interesting semester. I enjoy teaching multiple levels of classes, with various age groups and disciplines. I find that as much learning as I can help with, I learn far more from students. Learning should be fun, and I hope to project that in the classroom.

3. What is your biggest challenge in teaching?

Keeping the classroom topics and discussions interesting for everyone. I find that using vocabulary, grammar, and working on pronunciation from a textbook section is challenging to make relevant to the students’ interests. This is why I constantly try to infuse real world informational elements to stimulate conversation and apply textbook knowledge.

4. What is it like teaching Bulgarians?

Bulgarians are rather intelligent, informed, and inquisitive. Most of my classes have been really fun and exciting for me to teach.

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