Simon Harris – International House Sofia

1. Full Name

Simon Harris, Manager and teacher at International House Sofia.

Specialises in Children and corporate courses.

2. What inspires you in teaching?

Helping people to succeed and seeing my student’s progress. In my own experience, learning a language is a huge investment in time and money so seeing my students develop both language and knowledge, in as short a time as possible, is hugely satisfying.

3. What is your biggest challenge in teaching?

Every student is different, with their own needs and objectives so the real challenge is to deliver the perfect lesson which is 100% relevant and personalised to each student in the group. How to meet that challenge? Even after 20 years teaching, I still plan every lesson with clear learning outcomes and a selection of relevant materials. I draw on a number of methodologies; be they the preferred learning style of the students or the most appropriate way to practice the activity, then check their understanding and fill in the gaps. I enjoy the challenge.

4. What is it like teaching Bulgarian children?

Comparing them to children I’ve taught in other parts of the world, I would say Bulgarian children have an obvious respect towards teachers. They are energetic, enjoy studying and are generally not shy using English in and out of the classroom. The children respond well to our varied approaches such as learning through course books, physical activities, arts & crafts, music and storytelling in an English only environment.

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